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“The Dark Knight Rises” opens this Friday, but I’ll be writing up a spoiler-free review after viewing it on Wednesday. I’m obviously pretty darned excited, and have recently watched “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” to get me in the mood.  Without ruining everyone’s collective Bat Buzz, though, I had some concerns when watching the first two:

1) Chatty Police Officers. In “Batman Begins”, you’ve got the wacky cut-ups describing the first appearance of the Batmobile. “It’s a black… tank” is funny, “It’s not on a street, it’s jumping from rooftop to rooftop” is funny, but in “Dark Knight”, they went too far with it. They’ve got a regular Chatty Cathy riding shotgun in the van transporting Harvey Dent. He provides unwelcome colour commentary during the whole car chase sequence. “That’s not good”/”That’s NOT good!” are particularly uncomfortable examples.

2) Bat Morality. Without spoiling “Batman Begins” too much for those who haven’t seen it, I didn’t really follow Batman’s final line to the antagonist: “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you”. I can appreciate if he’s making the argument that he’s not held by any Good Samaritan standards of heroism. I suppose you could make a case for that. If a serial killer was in grave danger, and Batman didn’t feel like rescuing him, that’s one thing. But in this case, Batman actively brought about the danger for the antagonist, then claims that’s he’s not bound to remove him from that danger. It’s supposed to be a cool moment, where the audience is supposed to appreciate that the baddie is about to reap what he’s sown, but I think it’s undone upon reflection.

Anyway, those gripes aren’t going to keep me from gettin’ revved up for “The Dark Knight Rises”! I liked Bane in the comics, and Tom Hardy is a cool cat, so it should be tons o’ fun.

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