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So, that “Twilight” fanfic trilogy is becoming a series of movies. The producing team behind “The Social Network” is taking on the task, and since I really enjoyed that flick, I guess it was a good choice. I don’t really have a lot invested in the “Grey” trilogy, however. It was the subject of an “SNL” sketch a month or two ago, so I had to Wikipedia it immediately. It just seems to be a simple series of erotica novels. Not sure what makes them special, or why they’ve suddenly blown up, but they really seem to have made an impression. Dollars to donuts they’ll make four movies out of the three books, though, as they’ve recently announced they’re doing to “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Blatant cash grab, as I’ve discussed here.

In Batman related news, I found out recently that I won a couple of tickets to an advance screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” next Wednesday. I’m absolutely thrilled, and I promise to post a spoiler-free summary of my experience on my July 19th comic.

Google Led You Here: “tangled the lizard” Is that a new phrase, Internet Searcher? I hope it catches on.