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I don’t know how I feel about the Catwoman costume. I really dig the flip-up goggles that make the cat ears. That’s fun. Hathaway’s said in interviews that every element of the suit is practical and serves a purpose, so the comic above is largely guesswork. I’m pretty sure those high heels aren’t practical, but maybe there’s a neat little device in ’em. Who knows? I’m psyched as all heck about “Dark Knight Rises”, so July 20th better hurry up and get here.

Retuning to “Amazing Spider-Man”, as discussed in my previous post: I basically enjoyed it, but I felt like there were two movies happening at once. On one hand, we had a nifty little teenage romance (admittedly being performed by a couple of actors in their twenty, but that’s nothing new). I liked this movie. They were both smart cookies, willing to stick their necks out for the little guy. They had some wonderful chemistry and I enjoyed most of their scenes together. The other movie, the one about a kid getting spider powers while trying to solve the mystery of his missing parents, is a bit more uneven. At times, it felt very natural and realistic, with overlapping, believable dialogue, but at other times, it felt like the movie-serial tone of Raimi’s movies. Melodramatic and broad, basically. Also, there’s a mid-credits scene, which caused me some annoyance. I don’t want to spoil it (though I would argue there’s very little to spoil), but the scene doesn’t do anything to tantalize the viewer. There are no new ideas introduced, and they don’t tease us with something fun in the future. It just felt like a waste of time. Mr. Fury’s chat with Tony remains the gold-standard of extra scenes, but this one was so below par that I didn’t see the point.

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