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So, the first and final panels of today’s comic are a true story (right down to my lazily tucked in shirt). I tried to buy tickets for “The Amazing Spider-Man” at my local Cineplex theatre on opening day, a Tuesday. The theatre offers tickets for five bucks less on Tuesdays (even cheaper if you’re a member of their promotional club “Scene”), but they tried to charge me full price. The clerk told me that since it was opening day, they were charging full price.

I spoke with a manager, who tried to convince me that the movie wasn’t actually opening that day, and that all of the screenings were “promotional”. He maintained that it was actually opening on July 4th, the next day. A casual glance at the poster behind him revealed the “7-3-12” date proudly featured, with no mention of “Special Screenings” before or after. I later checked out the theatre’s website and verified that “Amazing Spider-Man” screenings weren’t flagged as special promotional screenings. The ticket price list page didn’t indicate that films are regular price on opening day, if it happens to be on a Tuesday.  The only way to find out that you were going to be charged extra was to try to buy tickets online.

So, while I’m happy that a Spider-Man move broke Tuesday box office records, I know that there were some sketchy dealings that led to a significant portion of that revenue. I’ll give a short review of the actual film on my next update. In a nutshell: Not bad, not great, as predicted by Future Me.

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