Particularly apropos for this one, but would you LIKE this comic, please?

Yeah, that Facebook email switch thing is pretty lame. I dislike sneakiness in general, regardless of the circumstances, and that whole thing reeked of sneak.

I saw “Brave” and thought it was quite the spectacle. The forests, the hills, the water. It’s all gorgeous. The first act is probably the strongest. I dug Merida as a protagonist. Well designed (all that chatter about her orange locks makes sense) and well defined, I felt I had a good sense of her within the first 15 minutes of the movie. Her parents were charming, and even her horse was relatable. Her triplet brothers, got on my nerves throughout the flick, though maybe that was part of the point.

Events from the second act onward are difficult to describe without spoiling the movie (something the ads have been kind enough to avoid), so I’ll just say that it was very satisfying, overall, but I thought there was an over-reliance on wackiness. I appreciate schtick more than most, but it felt like they were overdoing it and thereby severing part of my connection to the characters.

Google Led You Here: “Tony Stark Thor Spank” I don’t think I have that issue, Internet Searcher.