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“It’s like X meets Y” as an elevator pitch for movies has been around for a while. There was an extended period where “Die Hard on a Blank” was a particularly popular example.Now, it seems like these simple concepts have meandered onto the movie titles. I know there was a “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” movie in the works at one point, with Natalie Portman involved in the production and attached to star, but it seems to have fallen apart. I don’t have a strong opinion about the trend, but I’m worried when movies are clearly greenlit based on the demographics to which it’s believed they will appeal, and I suspect that the reason that such movies get studios’ stamps of approval is because they’re perceived to appeal to fans of both genres that are in the title. Why spend $50 million bucks on movie that’ll appeal to all the zombie fans when you can spend $50 million bucks on a movie that’ll appeal to all the zombie fans AND all the Jane Austen fans? The cheque is signed before anyone looks beyond page one of the script. As it happens, “P&P&Z” is supposed to be a pretty decent book, so maybe a movie would be fun.

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