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Tomorrow, we’ve got “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” and “Brave” coming out. I’ll watch both of ’em, but I’m not as excited as I was when I saw their trailers originally. Apparently “Lincoln” is pretty bleak and “Brave” is gorgeous but unoriginal. Ah well. I’ve become such a slave to Rotten Tomatoes that I can’t bring myself to see a movie when it’s got one of those little green splotches next to the title. Such is life.

However, there’s still some cinematic happenings out there that have put a smile on my face. It’s odd that a simple promotional image can get me so excited, but I think the shot of Angelina Jolie as “Maleficent” is pretty darned nifty. I think they’re basically just going to do “Sleeping Beauty”, but told from the antagonist’s perspective. It doesn’t look like it’ll be a “Wicked”-style origin story or anything. I’m looking forward to some terrifying dragon/wall of thorns CGI for the finale.

Google Led You Here: “the angels have the phonebox” I’ve got that on a t-shirt, Internet Searcher.

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