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This looks like it will be a golden age of summer superheroics. Although “Prometheus” doesn’t look like it lived up to the hype and early indications suggest that “Brave” isn’t going to be very good, I still think that “Dark Knight Rises” will be exceptional and “Amazing Spider-Man” should be a lot of fun. The previously mentioned Bane voice issues in the former seem to have been addressed, and everything I’ve seen of “Spider-Man” looks entertaining. Sally Field as Aunt May and Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben are excellent casting choices, and the web-slinging action is pretty nifty. Hopes are high!

Message from September 2012 Projectionist: Actually, they’re both fine, not great, but fine.
June 2012 Projectionist: Dangit!

Google Led You Here: “brave productions troubles brenda chapman” That’s what I hear, Internet Searcher. It seems like “Brave” is going to be closer in quality to “Cars”/”Cars 2” than any of the other Pixar films (of which all are brilliant).