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I’m excited about “Brave”, but it’s a guarded kind of excitement. We’ve got some archery action goin’ on, the voice talents of Billy Connelly and Emma Thompson (both of whom always deliver the goods), and some beautiful, beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the film suffered some troubles. The initial director, Brenda Chapman, was replaced halfway into production by Mark Andrews. That’s never a good sign.

However, I also had a bad feeling in the months leading up to “Wall-E”‘s release. The robot looked like Johnny Five and the initial ads made it look a lot more cutesy than the post-apocalyptic masterpiece turned out to be. So, we shall see.

Regardless of how good “Brave” turns out to be, that hair does look pretty darned good. That’s the kind of volume you only get in 10th Century Scotland or bouncing around some hard drive in Pixar’s main office.

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