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Fandom’s a bit weird. When you love some piece of culture, you’re eager to share it with folks that haven’t experienced it, and you’ll argue with anyone who already experienced it and didn’t care for it. Often, you’re convinced that you can change their mind by pointing out some little bits of awesomeness that you’re sure they must have missed. This attitude seems to disregard something we all understand and appreciate: fact that art is subjective, and everyone’s got their own taste. Still, in cases where you’ve got common ground with another person, and yet they still don’t dig on the stuff you dig, you’re still convinced that it’s a code that’s crackable.

It’s odd.
Google Led You Here: “Ridley’s Believe it or Not”. I don’t think you were actually looking for my comic of the same name, Internet Searcher. I think you misspelled “Ripley”. I forgive you.