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Watching the ads for “Piranha 3DD” is a complicated  experience for me. Horror comedy is a genre that doesn’t get enough love, so I want to support these flicks when I can. This one’s got Dave Koechner and Paul Scheer bringing the laughs, as well as Hasselhoff and Gary Busey, and the aforementioned machine gun leg tottin’ Ving Rhames. Those are all great reasons to see a movie. Throw some Christopher Lloyd in there and you’re in business. But the title and ad campaign for the film make it clear that they’re targeting a certain demographic, and I don’t really want to send the message that this kind of marketing is effective. Maybe you could make the case that this is all supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, or that all the lady skin is supposed to be an homage to the horror movies of the eighties, but it’s just getting tiresome for me.

Ugh. It’s annoying, ’cause I really wanted to see how that machine gun leg thing panned out. Guess I’ll have to watch “Grindhouse” again.


Google Led You Here: “Comic Mayan Sinkhole”. Ooooh… Are those the ones that are so big that people can basejump into ’em? Awesome. I haven’t done any comics about them, but they’re cool.