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I’m not done crushing on “Avengers”, I’m afraid. A movie that strong tends to stick with ya. Multiple viewings have confirmed that it’s something special.

My partner and I have a game which consists of shoehorning cat words into the titles of TV shows and movies. Nathan Fillion’s “Castle” becomes “Cat-stle”. “Community” becomes “Come-meow-ni-kitty” and so forth. The more awkward and forced the pun, the better.  “Aveng-purrs” arose from this game, and I wouldn’t let it die until it became a comic.

What’s up in cinemas this week? “MIB3” (MIB Cubed? I dunno) is opening. Will Smith’s got a good record of taking the top spot in cinemas, but he’s facing some serious competition from Marvel. The previews make it look pretty weak, and “MIB2” (MIB Squared?) wasn’t particularly good, but seeing Bill Hader as Andy Warhol brings a smile to my face.

Google Led You Here: “Genie” I’ll be happy to grant your wishes, Internet Searcher. Mail ’em my way, along with a certified cheque.