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So, we got another season of “Community”!


But they moved it to Fridays, following nobody’s favourite, “Whitney”!

Er… fine. I guess I’ll watch it online…

And they fired the showrunner!

That just sucks.

Exactly, other voice in my head, it sucks. NBC pulled a move that could only be described in the words of Justin Trudeau, as “just plain dumb”. I’m heartbroken, because “Community” is a very special show. It’s hilarious, but it’s also experimental, and unafraid to take risks. That’s pretty rare to find in a network TV show, and it’s resulted in a dedicated, passionate fanbase, but subpar ratings. After being put on hiatus this year, “Community”‘s future was uncertain for a while, but the announcement of a fourth season was very fine news indeed. That is, until it was revealed that it was put into an 8:30 Friday night slot, and that the show’s creator and runner Dan Harmon had been unceremoniously let go (technically demoted to Consulting Producer, but whatevs). This comic’s supposed to be a funny take on movies, but since “Community”s been such a huge influence, and since it’s already provided dozens of loving parodies and references to my favourite flicks, I thought I’d whine about the sad situation over at NBC for a while. It’s a real shame.



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