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A little continuity for y’all: Doug made a deal with Mr. Hereford to get free movies, so long as he constantly wore the sandwich board in his daily life. He hasn’t been doing wearing it in many of the subsequent strips, and now you know why: He found a lazier alternative (which apparently doesn’t fly with Mr. Hereford).

Back in the real world, “The Dictator” is opening this Friday, and I’m marginally interested in checking it out. Sacha Baron Cohen’s done the “wacky foreigner makes Americans uncomfortable” bit before, but they’re usually pretty good, and I appreciate whenever someone’s willing to push the boundaries a bit in the name of a solid joke. Plus, Anna Faris is in it, and I’m still pulling for her to succeed. She’s very funny, but she can never seem to find her way into a really great movie. Someday.

Oh yeah… “Battleship” is coming out tomorrow. The movie based on a board game. I’ve already addressed how silly this is, and hopefully the box office returns will be dismal enough for the producers to realize what a horrible mistake they’ve made (and maybe some of this ill-will shall carry over to the “Transformers” franchise, but that’s just a pipe dream).

Google Led You Here: “Free Mars”” Comic” If comic books are the only way to spread the word of a free and independent Mars, then I say scribble on!