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I’ve been feeling a bit guilty about all the “Avengers” strips, but it’s been dominating the movie part of my mind for the last little while, so I can’t guarantee that this will be the last one. However, as suggested in today’s comic, the summer is full of exciting cinematic potential, foremost among which are “Dark Knight Rises” and “Prometheus”. “Rises” has big shoes to fill. It’s following a flick that is held in incredibly high regard, and featured one of the most enduring performances in all of genre entertainment. It’s packed to the gills with Academy Award-winning actors, and the plot is shrouded in secret. Christopher Nolan has a pretty good record. Some of the early details of the movie, as revealed through regular channels such as trailers and official photos (as well as less legitimate means) seem to indicate that there’s a bit of social unrest in Gotham City, possibly orchestrated by Tom Hardy’s Bane, and requiring the attention of a semi-retired Caped Crusader. Catwoman also factors in, apparently. I’m exceedingly excited, but Whedon set the bar pretty high for summer superheroics, so I have to remind myself not to expect too much.

“Prometheus” also has my complete attention, but there was recently a bit of a to-do with Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro’s been trying to make an adaptation of Lovecraft’s “In the Mountains of Madness” for a while, and now he’s claiming that “Prometheus” shares so much in common with his plans for “Madness” that there’s little point in making it. It would be a shame to lose the project forever, though. A well-done Lovecraft movie would be absolutely fantastic, and obviously Del Toro’s got the aesthetic eye to make it suitably creepy and bugnuts.

Google Led You Here: “Small Wonder Movie” Noooooo! Don’t option that! The theme song will be stuck in my head forevermore!