When you LIKE my comic, everyone wins! (Mostly me)

So, what were you guys up to this weekend? If reports are to be believed, I’ve got a pretty good guess. It seems everyone and their mother went to see “Avengers” over the last three days, and as one of those lucky folks, I can tell you that you made a very wise decision in having done so!

From the moment Nick Fury appeared after the credits in “Iron Man”, a dream appeared in the collective fanboy/girl hivemind. A dream of an “Avengers” movie that delivered on the promise of Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo. Whedon’s movie absolutely fulfills that promise and somehow exceeds our expectations. This ain’t hyperbole. “Avengers” works on every level. It’s got solid acting, a tight script, each character gets a chance to shine, and humour, humour, humour. If you’re one of the people who hasn’t seen it yet, let’s check it out together. I’ll definitely be seeing it a few more times.

The movie made $200M on its opening weekend, a record-smashing figure which indicates that superhero flicks will be here to stay for a while longer.

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