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I certainly hope that interest in superhero movies continues to rise, and we get ourselves a decent “Justice League” flick. I know that George Miller (of “Mad Max” fame) was in production of a big budget animated JL movie, but it fell apart some time ago. Now, with Nolan serving as some kind of creative consultant on Zach Snyder’s “Superman: The Man of Steel”, there’s talk that he might be able to help out with a big screen “Justice League”, but nothing’s official. I’m a bit sad that Wonder Woman hasn’t been given much attention, with all the superhero love that’s been passing around. They shuffled her off to a terrible television project overseen by David E. Kelly, that genre-lovin’ fan favourite, but it was thankfully cancelled before it saw the light of day. I know that “Avengers” director Joss Whedon was working on a “Wonder Woman” project for a while, before it was also abandoned.
It’s a shame.  Wonder Woman’s got a lot of potential as a feature film. She’s got a nice suite of powers, an interesting origin and she’s an iconic pop culture figure (=mega name recognition). Plus, she’s got the entirety of Greek myth to draw from when choosing her antagonist. Her traditional rogue’s gallery (your Cheetahs, your Doctor Psychos) is generally pretty boring, but why not use a heavy hitter like Ares? The animated “Wonder Woman” movie from a few years back did a great job. Something along those lines would be ideal.

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