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So, “Think Like a Man” took over the box office this weekend. I haven’t seen the movie itself, but the trailers, posters and associated reviews make it seem like the kind of movie that rubs me the wrong way. I won’t gripe too much about it, but it doesn’t look like it offers anything beyond the tired standup comic setup of “Men act like this, women act like this, isn’t that crazy?” (also accepted: “…AIN’T that crazy”, depending on the comedian).

Anyhoo, I’m miffed because there’s at least one truly exceptional flick in theatres right now, and it’s being ignored in favour of this crap, directed by the guy who ruined “Fantastic Four”, Tim Story. Even though “Think Like a Man” looks like a waste of time, I don’t have any issue with the author of the book upon which the film is based, Steve Harvey. He’s probably my second favourite Family Feud host, after Richard Dawson.

Google Led You Here: “movies that talk about wolfsbane” You need to do more thorough research, werewolf-hunting internet searcher. A movie’s not going to give you the straight dope if you want to take down a lycanthrope.