Like My Comic or I’ll Switch to a “Blossom Jokes Only” Policy


“Avengers” tidbits have been trickling in gradually. The movie’s been screened, and even though there’s an embargo on reviews until May, that’s not really how the Internet works, so there have been reviews aplenty. Encouragingly, the ones I’ve read have been incredibly positive, though I’ve had to avoid those which featured spoilers. Until May 4th arrives, what else have we got coming up?

There’s “Think Like a Man”, with a premise that sounds sexist enough that I should probably ignore it and move on to the next title.  There’s “The Lucky One”, a romance starring Zac Efron. Those elements aren’t especially encouraging on their own, but it’s also receiving poor reviews, so we can ignore that one, too. There’s also a Disney-produced documentary about apes which in no way rebel against mankind and achieve super-intelligence.

So, slim pickins.


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