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“Avengers” is so close, we can taste it. Less than a month to go before the collective nerd community’s wish of a big-budget multi-superhero Marvel flick directed by Whedon comes to fruition. There’s a promotion underway involving some advance screenings, so I expect we’ll start getting some buzz about the flick pretty soon. Unfortunately, “Avengers” may suffer from having incredibly, incredibly high expectations, but so did “Dark Knight”, and things turned out pretty well for it.

I’ll be seeing “Hunger Games” tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to report on that in my next post. When making arrangements to see the movie, however, I learned that the theatre I’ll be attending also offers “VIP” screenings. Some of the showtimes are filed under this special category, which offers bigger seats, to-seat snack delivery and alcohol. Tickets for these shows cost about 40% more than regular price, and those snacks & booze ain’t free, bro. I don’t personally see the appeal of the last two options, and the chairs would have to be pretty darned comfy to justify a price increase that high. When I feel like treating myself a bit, maybe I’ll have a look and let you know if I was properly pampered.

Google Led You Here: “Bums”. Fair enough. I knew I’d get these kinds of hits when I picked the name of the comic, but somehow I convinced myself it would be OK. I wonder how far down the Google Search Results for “bums” my comic is? I’m gonna find out.