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Well, I’ve been out of the loop for a little while, attending to pressing international matters? Now that I’m back, I see that “The Hunger Games” continues to dominate the box office. I had a chance to finish off the books while I was away, and I was impressed. I had the weird feeling, however, that some elements were deliberately included to appeal to the diverse demographics that the books were being marketed to. It’s got a love triangle and it’s got extensive descriptions of dresses & makeup. It’s also got sci-fi weaponry and battles to the death in hostile terrain. It’s ALSO got intrigue and political allegories. Considering the extremely wide range of flavours used, I thought the books held up pretty well.

I’m seeing the first film on Thursday, and I’ve heard rumours that the love triangle bit is further emphasized and that the violence is severely downplayed. We shall see. I’m still psyched for some blue-wig wearin’ Tucci. The Tooch is loose!

Google Led You Here: “Belle and the Bums” I don’t remember that scene from “Beauty and the Beast”. Maybe it was in “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”.