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So, apparently there are a number of “Hunger Games” moviegoers who had a problem with the ethnicity of some of the characters depicted. One of them, Rue, was played in the movie by a young black actress, which caused great consternation among the racist Twitter-ers of the world. Despite the fact that the actress matches the physical description of the character provided in the book, these angry Tweetsters seemed to think that casting a black actress violated their internal, Caucasian idea of the character.

I didn’t realize there were so many layers to the racist onion. Apparently, once you’re in deep with racism, you can ignore any non-white input. You can ingest fiction in one medium, filter out all the dark-skinned people, then be mad when the character’s appearance in another medium doesn’t match your racially-Photoshopped expectations. You win, racist Twitteristas. You’ve discovered a new realm of bigotry, and I stand in awe of these bold new horizons of intolerance and xenophobia. Kudos.