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Well, “John Carter” certainly didn’t make a big splash. The megabudget sci-fi flick lost to “The Lorax”, though it seems to be doing alright internationally. I didn’t have a chance to see it, but the reviews were pretty negative, in general. Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” also came out, but it didn’t even manage to crack the Top 5. Fun fact about “A Thousand Words”: It’s currently rated at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, which means that NONE of the critics gave it a perfect review. The Zero Percent Club must be a very special place, and I wish the website had a page dedicated to it. I’d like to see which films managed to earn the scorn of every single reviewer that saw them.

I’m actually pretty excited about the new “21 Jump Street” movie. The buzz has been positive and I’ve enjoyed the trailers I’ve seen. Plus, it’s got Ron Swanson as an ace in the hole. I predict it’ll be great.

Google Led You Here: “Donald Sutherland Toupet” Hmmm. I think that hair’s for realsies, but I can’t be sure. By the way, did you ever see him in that movie “1900”? He’s completely batcrap crazy.