When You LIKE My Comic, I Can Feel the Positive Vibes Comin’ Off the Internet

While the Cinema Movie House may be tightening their belts, moviegoers seemed more than willing to open their wallets for “The Lorax”. The trailers certainly didn’t seem to make it look very appealing, and it followed the fairly recent Hollywood trend of casting young hip people like Zac Efron or Taylor Swift in principal roles instead of professional voice actors, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled. None of the Dr. Seuss feature length films are very good. The Jim Carrey “Grinch” and “Horton Hears a Who” are passable, if uninteresting, while “The Cat in the Hat” is a flick so despicable that it seemed designed to inspire further hatred and violence in the world. It’s got Mike Myers as an anthropomorphic kitty doing a Charles Nelson Reilly impression, opposite Alec Baldwin (who is actually able to do a superior CNR impression, as has been proven on “SNL”) as a pesky neighbour (I think, I’m not looking it up) and Sean Hayes as a goldfish. It’s awful, but not in a way that makes you want to watch it ironically.

March is here for realsies, and while this month is traditionally a slow one, I’m still excited for a couple of releases. “John Carter” (of Mars, damnit) is coming soon, from Andrew Stanton, the director of one of the best sci-fi flicks of the last 25 years, “WALL-E”. We’ve also got “The Hunger Games”, of which I know very little, but I’m still psyched. It’s got a badass teenage protagonist kickin’ butt in a post-apocalyptic battlefield, and a blue-haired Stanley Tucci’s in it. And actor extraordinaire Lenny Kravitz, for some reason.

Google Led You Here: “pretty bums”. I like to think that all of the folks entering these “bum”-related searches eventually decided to give up on the endless parade of cyber-posteriors and clicked on my comic for a change of pace, then became regular readers. I like to think that, but I’m painfully aware that it’s likely that they misclicked, and were immediately enraged that there wasn’t a single bare bottom to be found.