Every time you LIKE my comic, a boring Oscar speech-giver decides to thank one fewer person.

So, I’m still focused on the Oscars, as you can see. I’ve got high hopes for Crystal’s return as host, and none of the acting nominees are so unusual that I’m vehemently rooting against them, so it should be a good year, all around. I think it’s weird that I won’t get to automatically pick “Pixar” in my Oscar pool, but they made their racecar-shaped bed, now they can lie in it.

As promised, I checked out “Chronicle” recently. The introduction was pretty solid. We started to get a sense of the characters, and the rules of the central supernatural conceit (which I don’t really want to spoil here) were explored well. Unfortunately, about half of the way in, the projector in my cinema broke down. After a few failed attempts to get it going again, the manager came out to address the crowd. “This is the hardest part of my job”, he said, with all the gravitas of a man handing out a pink slip, “We want to give you a night of entertainment. But sometimes… Sometimes the technology fails us”. I think he was trying to garner a little sympathy from us, but all we wanted was to get our compensatory movie tickets (TWO each, naturally, I wouldn’t have settled for fewer), and mosey on our way, exchanging wild theories about how the movie would have ended.

So, Cineplex Orleans, you get the Official Cinema Bums Stink Eye of Disapproval.

Google Led You Here: “One Man Thousand Faces”  That’s a good ratio.