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This business with Friedrich’s lawsuit against Marvel has got a number of fans pushing to boycott the upcoming “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” flick. I’m not fully versed in legalese, but apparently Friedrich claimed that Marvel didn’t register a copyright on the character, and that the rights reverted to him in 2001. Marvel counter-sued, seeking compensation for all the convention swag that Friedrich has been selling (and using as a primary source of income, from what it looks like). Now, he owes Marvel $17K, and a precedent’s been set. All the artists selling prints of your favourite Marvel character have cause for alarm. It’s a sticky situation, for sure.

I won’t be attending “Ghost Rider” this weekend, but that’s mainly because it doesn’t look very good. It’s by the guys who did “Crank” and “Crank 2”, which were a little too intense and bugnuts for me.  Pairing them with Nicholas Cage does seem like a natural fit, however. He’s been gradually morphing into a very strange performer with some odd habits on screen and off. I’m convinced that he’s going to have a Cruise- or Sheen-style public meltdown at some point, but I hope it doesn’t wind up being a full Gibson.

Google Led You Here:  “Armond White Cinema Bums”  This one pops up every couple of days. Is Armond White egosurfing? I’d be tickled if he actually read the comic.