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So, I saw “Judgment at Nuremberg” on TV last night. I only started about a third of the way in, but I thought it was  very compelling and sobering. I was especially impressed by the guy playing the defence attorney. I was surprised I didn’t recognize such a charismatic and compelling performer, so a quick imdb search revealed it was Maxmilian Schell, who won a Best Actor Oscar for the role.  Spencer Tracy and Burt Lancaster are also amazing in it, and I thought Judy Garland did a good job. I missed Deitrich’s big scene, but I understand it’s equally good.
So, yeah, it’s a great flick, but not really a great source for yuk-yuks.

Google Led You Here: “Rocketeer Shawshank” Apparently, some of the footage used for “Shawshank” was intended to be used in “The Rocketeer”. I didn’t know that when I did this comic. Neat.