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So, I still haven’t seen “Tree of Life”, but by all accounts it’s a very challenging flick with a very broad scope. Even actors in the movie, like Sean Penn, have said after filming that they weren’t quite sure what was supposed to be going on. In the comic above, Doug’s simply astounded that a movie featuring dinosaurs can be boring, but life (and Terrance Malick) will find a way.

It’s a Best Picture nominee, though, so there’s no way it can be bad, right?

Woof. The next movie in theatres that I’ll be seeing will likely be “Chronicle”. I hear good things.

Also, the new “Avengers” trailer premiered during the Super Bowl, and it was pretty awesome. You get to see every member of the team kickin’ a bit of butt, as well as Stark being sassy to Loki. We’re still not sure who Loki’s got working for him, but we see do some neat alien-seeming vehicles/robots. Come May, I’ll be at the front of the line.
Google Led You Here: “Sexy Back to the Future”. Thomas F. Wilson has always had a certain rugged charm, hasn’t he?