You “LIKE” me, you really “LIKE” me! (as in Facebook LIKE, get it? Oh, humour)

So, the Academy Award nominations were announced this week. There weren’t many surprises, but I was disappointed by some of the news.

– “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” was nominated for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Max von Sydow). This is the movie that was widely panned by critics (47% on Rotten Tomatoes), largely ignored by audiences and was generally considered a flop.  But it has Oscar fave Tom Hanks and recent Best Actress winnerSandra Bullock, plus it’s partially about 9/11, so somehow it managed to sneak in the race.

-PattonOswalt was snubbed for “Young Adult”. Oswalt wasn’t exactly a frontrunner, but it would have been nice. He’s a wickedly sharp, funny guy, and I’ve been surprised by how aptly he can play straight drama. He’ll be nominated eventually, hopefully before he’s asked to host.

-“Bridesmaids” was snubbed for Best Picture.  “Bridesmaids” was one of the best movies of the year, and one of the freshest comedies in a while. I’m glad there was a Screenplay nod, as well as Supporting Actress for McCarthy, but what does a comedy have to do to be considered for “Best Picture”? Critics loved it. Audiences loved it. It was funny, but the humour worked because the conflicts were relatable and the characters were believable. Even when you manage to cram NINE movies into that category, you choose to ignore “Bridesmaids”? Geezy Creezy, Academy. You’re starting to look more like your idiot cousin Golden Globes every year.

-Best Original Song is still a thing. It managed to give a little love to the otherwise shamefully ignored “The Muppets”, but I still don’t understand the point of this category.

Google Led You Here: “James Cameron Star Wars” That doesn’t exist, but I’d probably pay to watch it. I don’t always love Cameron, but he never does anything half-assed, and that would be a good attitude with which to approach “Star Wars”, for once.