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So, there’s a bit of a slew of re-releases this time of year. “Beauty and the Beast” is back in theatres and is doing respectable business for Disney.  “Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace” is coming out next, introducing a whole bunch of younglings to the suckiness of Jar Jar (and aren’t we all glad that he’s going to be a relevant punchline again?) and the awesomeness of lightsabers, in any context. Most annoying to me is the re-release of “Titanic”, James Cameron’s second consecutive attempt to toss one of his mega-moneymakers back into the cinemas, where he can grab a chunk of that sweet 3D ticket price. I dig Cameron in general, but I’m annoyed that he seems to be spending his time tweaking his established successes and not working on new projects. However, I heard that famed Pluto-demoter Neil deGrasse Tyson was being consulted to ensure that the stars in the night sky are accurate for the time and location, correcting them from the original release. It seems like a minor point, but it’s cool that Cameron’s famous eye for details is being put to good use. Plus, Tyson is a nifty guy, overall.

I also saw “Tintin” recently, but that merits a separate discussion.

Google Led You Here: “wood for sheep jokes” Oh, I get it. Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” makes the same “Settlers of Catan” joke that’s been kicking around for fifteen years and all of a sudden, it’s de rigeur.