See anything you “LIKE”? Hint. 

So, there was a pretty major response to that infamous bit of proposed American legislation yesterday. A few of my favourite webcomics, many of my regularly-visited websites and, most importantly, Wikipedia, replaced their content with a message warning against the ramifications of this bill. I’m against it, if only because the legislators don’t appear to have any understanding of the technology they’re restricting, as perfectly shown in last night’s “Daily Show”.

I still haven’t been to the movie theatre in ages. However, I did finish up the second season/series of “Sherlock” and I was floored by the finale: “The Reichenbach Fall”. I’ve said it before, but I really can’t recommend this show enough. Find it through whatever means necessary, and seize the opportunity to take in some exceptional writing and amazing performances. I also watched some more “Downton Abbey” and there was a Canadian character introduced. I’m always ashamed by how excited I get whenever Canada is mentioned or featured in popular media.

Google Led You Here: “Anybody Want a Peanut”  Yes, please. Unsalted, ideally.