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So, “Prometheus” is the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Everyone seems to already know that it’s an “Alien” prequel, but the studio and director refuse to confirm it. Ridley Scott has claimed that while it was initially supposed to be an “Alien” prequel, it subsequently turned into something else. Many are holding out hope, however, that this is just a smokescreen, designed to confound the audience’s expectations and preserve the surprise of those nasty extraterrestrials once they actually show up. I don’t particularly care much in either direction, but the ambiguity is a bit annoying. I don’t expect to know everything about a flick when I sit down in a theatre, but if I’m walking into a franchise entry, I’d like to be given a heads up. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. I secretly hope that this actually a “Blade Runner” sequel, and Scott’s fooled us all.

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