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So, word’s gotten out that Phil Collins’s daughter Lily is playing a major role, probably the lead, in the “Evil Dead” remake. The new storyline apparently focuses on her character undergoing some kind of detox with some friends in a cabin in the woods, but the majority of posts on message boards seem to be focused on the gender switch of the protagonist. Obviously, message boards of genre entertainment websites are not the best place to find an enlightened opinion about gender equality, but there was some high-grade misogynist vitriol a-spewin’. The first “Evil Dead” didn’t really spend much time on characterization, as I recall. Ash (or “Ashley” as he was called, I believe), was just a blank slate to act as audience surrogate. He didn’t come into his own until “Evil Dead 2” and “Army of Darkness”, when he was allowed to show a bit more humour and display that classic Campbellian heel personality. I was far more interested in the implications of the “detox” element of the story. Is the true nature of the demons going to be kept ambiguous? Are those strange voices real or hallucinations? Infernal wrath or just symptoms of withdrawal? That sounds like a pretty cool premise, so why don’t we assume that they’ve cast a worthy actress to play the lead, and stop fussin’ and feudin’ about her double-X chromosome.

Update: Lily Collins wound up dropping out of the “Evil Dead” remake. Jane Levy took over the role. Also, apparently Gillian Jacobs auditioned for the role, so now I’m incredibly mad that she isn’t the new Ash.

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