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Another year is upon us. If the Mayans and John Hodgman are to be believed, it’ll be the last one, so I suppose we should make the most of it. We’ve got a number of exciting movies coming out this year, and I can’t really decide which one has me the most psyched. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” and “The Avengers” are both in the running, but after watching “Casino Royale” again this weekend, “Skyfall” is slowly gaining momentum in my Anticipationometer.

Actually, “Casino Royale” was used as the test DVD for my new Surround Sound system. I took advantage of the previously-mentioned Boxing Day savings to get a good price on a basic set-up and spent much of one evening trying to figure it out. The process was complicated by the presence of a wire-chewing cat, necessitating enough duct tape to make Red Green blush. This paragraph is super-Canadian, incidentally.

I also picked up a Griffon Beacon, a nifty little device that pairs with one’s iPhone (or iPod Touch, in my case), serving as a central remote control unit. So, by navigating the little app that comes with it, I can turn on my TV, change the channel on my cable, play a DVD, etc. The app also includes a cable section with program descriptions, which I find easier to navigate than the little Guide program on my cable box. I also bought a remove control outlet adapter, with the goal of being able to turn on the lights with the app, as well. Unfortunately, the devices don’t play well together, so my dream of never getting up while watching the “Dungeons and Dragons” cartoon show on DVD has not yet realized.

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