“In a hole in the ground there lived a LIKE button… and the reader pushed it repeatedly.”

That “Hobbit” trailer has been running pretty consistently around these parts. I initially had the instinct to wait until I got to see it in theatres, so that I could appreciate it in all of its big screen glory. My self-discipline was lacking, however, so my wavering finger eventually found its way to the “Play” button, and I never looked back.  There are a heck of a lot of references to the original trilogy, but I’m not necessarily against that. I’m glad that they held back on revealing Smaug, also. I’m still a bit confused about what these two films are going to contain. Is the plan still for the first movie to contain “The Hobbit” and for the second movie to be a mash-up of various other materials from the Tolkien omnibus?

Google Led You Here: “Buy Crom” No! Conan the Barbarian wasn’t shilling some offbrand Spam knockoff! He was swearing an oath to his god!