All I want for Christmas is for you to LIKE this comic. …and a pony. Not LIKE this pony, I want you to give me a pony.

So, yeah, apologies for the punchline in today’s comic.

“Boxing Day”, for those of you outside of the Commonwealth, is the day after Christmas. It’s got a rich history including traditions between masters and servants in British households, but I can’t be bothered to look it up on Wikipedia right now. For us Canadian types, it means a day (and probably week) of retail savings. Young Canucks swarm to the stores, looking for a chance to spend the holiday cash that’s been burning a hole in their collective pocket. The bargains are considerable, but this tends to lead to considerable crowds. It’s similar to Black Friday in the U.S.A., from what I understand (though it seems that we’ve been gradually borrowing that tradition, as well).

Anyway, I’m at home in our nation’s capital, sipping some egg nog and enjoying a good flick or two. Happy Boxing Day, world.

Google Led You Here: “holiday movies with batman” OK, Internet traveler, I’m interested. Let’s hear your pitch for a holiday movie, starring Batman. And don’t say it’s just a rehash of “Batman Returns”, which was set during Christmastime. I want an original story with Batman learning the real meaning of the holidays. Man, that’s probably already a comic, isn’t it? I’m off to Amazon.