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“I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I am (Garble mumble growl)!”

So, I checked out “Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Colon: Four”, and I had a blast. I saw it at one of the select theatres featuringthe “Dark KnightRises” preview prologue, and while I enjoyed the scene in general, I thought Tom Hardy’s Bane was utterly unintelligible. For half his dialogue, I could make an educated guess at what he was saying, but for the other half, he might as well have been gargling mouthwash. I’m very very happy that this is the kind of problem that is fixable. Get the sound guy and Tom Hardy in one of those fancy WB soundbooths. Invite someone who has never heard the dialogue before, and get that person to verify that each line can be understood (possibly over the sound of exploding things, since that seems to be a theme we’ll be exploring in the new flick). What’s so stupefying about the whole thing is that Nolan experienced such profound backlash to the Batmanvoice in the last two movies (it actually seemed to get worse from “Begins” to “Dark Knight”, in my opinion). It stands to reason that he should have been particularly cautious in this area, and not go for broke with a new character whose dialogue sounds like it’s coming from a gramophone under a pile of laundry.
Google Led You Here: “salty popcorn” Were you trying to order some tasty popcorn online, Internet traveler? I sympathize. Maybe you were looking for a few tips on ensuring microwave popcorn is prepared just right, with the perfect amount of fluffy kernels and no burned ones. If so, some tips: Place it on the edge of the turnstile and wait until the pops are about 2 seconds apart.