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So, “A Christmas Carol” tends to be shown a lot on TV this time of year, in its various incarnations. As mentioned previously, the “What if I’d never been born?” concept from “It’s a Wonderful Life”  has been used frequently in holiday sitcoms, but it hasn’t reached the levels of complete saturation represented by “You will be visited by three spirits”. I’ve mentioned previously that “Muppet Christmas Carol” is my favourite, but there are some others that are definitely worth your time. Del’s pick of “Scrooge” starring Alastair Sim holds up, but it’s carried almost entirely by Sim. He’s got a very expressive face, so the “scowl” to “joy” transition is pretty awesome (it’s almost at the cartoony levels of the Grinch’s “heart grew three sizes that day”). “Scrooged” is also excellent, because it’s not afraid to go to some pretty dark places, and it’s got a supporting cast full of comedy stars of the eighties, like Buster Pointdexter, Carol Kane and Bobcat Goldthwait. And naturally, Bill Murray is great in the lead.

Incidentally, this is the fiftieth “Cinema Bums”. I know that makes it practically a newborn as far as these things are measured, but I wanted to mention that I appreciate all the support I’ve received from regular readers. If you keep coming back, I promise to maintain my regular updating schedule, and try to improve the strip as I learn from my mistakes. Why not leave a Comment below? I’ve been getting a lot of spam in some Eastern European language I don’t recognize, so some relevant observations in English would be a nice switch.

Google Led You Here:  “funny funny pictures” I very much enjoy that this person wasn’t looking for “funny pictures”. They demand “funny FUNNY pictures”. It was a double funny kind of day, one assumes.