“Confound it, man, are you afraid of success?!”

That scene I referenced last week from “It’s a Wonderful Life” has been running through my head for the last little while, so I thought I’d do a comic on it. I think that had the scene gone in this direction, the rest of the movie would have been pretty neat. Also, I assume Mr. Potter’s manservant is some kind of robot in this version.

As the holidays continue, I’m pretty excited about the upcoming releases. The new “Mission Impossible” movie is directed by Brad Bird, who is batting a thousand after “Iron Giant”, “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille”. My prediction is that his jump into live action is going to be pretty smooth. At certain locations, there’s a 6-minute preview from “The Dark Knight Rises”. It’s supposed to be pretty exciting, but there’s a lot of chatter about Tom hardy’s Bane being difficult to understand. After the Bat-voice from “Dark Knight” being one of the mutually agreed upon concerns about an otherwise awesome flick, it’s weird that Nolan wouldn’t be sensitive to this kind of thing. Maybe they’ll fix it in post. Dunno.

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” is also coming out soon, and the main reason I’ll be lining up for that one is Stephen Fry as Mycroft Holmes. Fry is one of those fantastic Renaissance Man-types who’s great at everything he tries and always comes across as funny, witty and sincere. Moffat’s “Sherlock” BBC series is still the ultimate version of the character in my mind (in the filmed medium), but RDJ does a pretty good job.

Google Led You Here: “funny raisist joks” The spelling of this search tells you something about the intelligence of the kind of person that would seek it.

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