Our holiday comics continue, this time focusing on the snackables of the season. For me, food is a big part of Xmastime, and I look forward to special treats like eggnog and Christmas cookies. I also look forward to pleasant afternoons spent watching movies on the couch with family members I haven’t seen in a while.

Since they were released over the holidays, “The Lord of the Rings” films became connected to this time of year in my mind. The books were a major part of my young life, one spent playing Dungeons and Dragons with those who were willing. So when the movies came out, it was another amazing thing happening during an amazing time of year. I went in with pretty big expectations, and somehow Jackson’s movies surpassed them. I still consider “Fellowship” to be the best of the three, but it might be because it’s forever coupled with that initial thrill, gradually realizing that this wasn’t just an adaptation that was faithful. It was a cinematic milestone, breaking new ground in many areas.

I don’t know if we’ll have time this year, but I’m hoping that my family will be able to check out the trilogy over the break, and maybe I can recapture the magic of the early “aughts”.

Google Led You Here: “Unicycle Secret” The Order of the Single Wheel will give their lives to ensure this secret is never revealed. Abandon your quest, lest you suffer their wrath.

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