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So, Cyber Monday is here, hot on the heels of Black Friday weekend. I am a deal-seekin’ fiend, so I’ll likely be looking all over the internet, trying to save a couple of bucks on Blu-Rays, Xmas presents for friends & family, gallon tubs of peanut butter, or anything else that happens to catch my fancy.

“The Muppets” Report

Movie-wise, I’m pleased to report that “The Muppets” was a success. I did a double-bill of “The Muppet Movie” and “The Muppets”, and I was pleased with the new movie’s take on the franchise. Following Henson’s death, so feel that there’s been a weight hanging over every film made. Is it acceptable to continue using these characters, when they’re so closely tied to one man’s vision? I personally don’t think it’s disrespectful to do so, provided that appropriate reverence is paid. And “The Muppets” isn’t shy on reverence. Jason Segel’s character and his Muppet brother grew up idolizing Kermit and the gang. They may treat the Muppets as paragons but sadly, the world seems to have moved on.

The “meta” traditions of the original movie are maintained and the characters frequently burst into original songs and pop music covers. There are celebrities a-go-go (Mickey Rooney!), and running gags. It feels very much like a Muppet fan’s Muppet movie, and it never shies away from the heart-on-my-sleeve sentimentality that made the characters, particularly Kermit, so appealing. I think it’s a sweet fan letter for longtime admirers of the series, and a wonderful introduction for a new generation. It’s definitely not flawless, but it’s funny, accessible and definitely worth your money.

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