You remind me of the babe

My love of “Labyrinth” goes way back. I was interested in fantasy stuff as a kid, and this movie adhered to the “normal child gets lost in a magical world” trope that always had me hooked. The story’s pretty simple, actually. Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is mad that she has to babysit her kid brother, so she wishes for him to be taken away. Turns out, Ziggy Stardust takes requests, because the Goblin King (David Bowie) shows up in her bedroom and announces that her request has been granted and if she ever wants to see the youngster again, she’ll have to find her way through the Labyrinth, a world of mazes, tunnels and (as mentioned above) Muppets. Jim Henson directed it, and Monty Python alum Terry Jones wrote the first half of the script. It’s got some pretty striking imagery, and I’m still amazed (a-“maze”-d? wakka wakka) at the puppetry.

Most importantly, some parts of this flick are still very disturbing. Immediately after wishing her brother away, there’s a sequence featuring a darkened bedroom, with nasty goblins hiding in the shadows and giggling. Nightmare fuel, I tells ya. There’s another part that features Sarah slowly falling down a pit whose falls are lined with hands which form terrible faces, mocking her with echoing laughter.  Nasty stuff.

It’s a great watch, and you should revisit it if it’s been a while.

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