Sigh… Armond White

So, Armond White wrote a laughably positive review of “Jack and Jill”, and so I feel it’s important to examine the origins of this bizarre lens through which he seems to watch movies. It looks like he thinks that Sandler has penned an opus, a masterpiece, detailing the particulars of the modern Jewish experience. I think it’s more likely that Sandler thought a drag comedy would be a good idea, so he called up all of his SNL buddies from the nineties and gave them supporting roles. I can’t really blame Sandler. He had good intentions, and I sincerely doubt that he was trying to make a bad movie. Plus, he’s giving Norm Macdonald work, which I appreciate. But a bad movie was indeed made, and the whole world knows it. Including, I believe, Armond White. White knows that this movie is terrible, but he also knows that controversy generates attention, so he’s decided that he’s going to be the reviewer who swims against the stream.

I wouldn’t mind if he made a point of ignoring public opinion and let movies stand on their own merits. That’s ideal, actually. But it really seems that whenever there’s critical consensus, White goes the other way. And his justification always seems so bizarre and nitpicky. He felt “Toy Story3” was ruined by product placement and that the first 30 minutes of “Up” (some of the most heart-wrenching filmmaking of the last 10 years in my opinion) was “saccharine”. He dishes it out to a lot of great flicks, but it seems that his Pixar reviews always stick in my craw.

Anyway, as the great Ebert has already noted, the guy’s a troll. I don’t begrudge anyone an opinion, but he’s just trying to irritate people with his reviews, and that ain’t classy.


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