Halloween is upon us, and that means it’s time to pop in a scaaaaaarrrry movie.

I celebrated the occasion with a weekend of parties. The first was an affair hosted by a local comic book shop. At my partner’s suggestion, she and I decided to go as Marty and Doc from the “Back to the Future” series. She’s a crafty one, and her idea had a lot of potential. We spent much of Saturday looking for costume accoutrements such as a red puffy vest and short brown wig for her and a wide range of knick-knacks for me. I used some pink electrical tape to do some detail work on my pseudo jumpsuit and sit a decent approximation of a radiation symbol with some black tape. The wig was tricky, but paint and hairspray managed to turn a sexy lady wig into a wild white bird’s nest for Dr. Brown’s do. My partner rocked a jean jacket, the vest, a plaid shirt, earphones, aviator glasses and the aforementioned wig to great effect. We were looking pretty good, but when we arrived, it was apparent that we were still little fish in a big pond.

Beautiful, imaginative and well-realized costumes were everywhere. Costumes I saw:

*A pitch-perfect “Arkham City”-style Mr. Freeze.

*The Clairmont-era X-Men if they were Muppets (Kermit = Colossus, Beaker = Cyclops, Gonzo = Nightcrawler, etc)

*A FUNCTIONAL “Operation” boardgame.

*An excellent Chell with a glowing Portal gun.

*Two Khal Drogos.

*Five Riddlers.

Also: Three Marty McFlys! I got to take a picture with two of them, but there was a serious danger of a paradox.

Anyway, have a good time Trickin’ and Treatin’ tonight. I know that for me, the sweetest Treat of all is when someone “Likes” one of my comics.