So, I’ve been spending many of my waking, non-working hours over the last week playing the exceptional “Batman: Arkham City”. It’s not a movie, I know, but Bats has a rich cinematic history that’s reflected in the game. The game’s universe is one that seems to combine stuff from the various comic continuities, the movies and the animated series. From the comics, they’ve lifted elements from several major storylines, as well as using characters that haven’t been given a proper treatment in any other media. Fans of the animated series can enjoy the voice acting of Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker. For some reason, Harley Quinn seemed a bit off when I played, and it turns out that they recast Arleen Sorkin. Not sure why. She seemed fine in “Arkham Asylum”. From the movies, they took a few visual cues here and there, from both the Burton/Schumacher series and the Nolan trilogy. Batman’s costume has some more obvious armour-based elements, and Joker’s outfit has a dingier, Ledger-style aesthetic. The game is also full of homages to all of its inspirations, so if you’re a Bat-devotee, you should check it out.
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