Based on the trailer, this “In Time” movie seems to have an interesting premise, but really just sets the stage for a chase/action flick. Maybe they’ll explore the ramifications and really get into the nitty gritty, but since they cast Timberlake, I don’t have high hopes. He seems to be making a go of the acting thing these days. While I really enjoy him as an SNL host, I never really appreciated him as anything but a novelty. I guess he was fine in “The Social Network”, but I think it’s more likely that the movie’s natural greatness and exceptional dialogue carried him.

The TV Spots for “In Time” seem to be having an especially hard time promoting it. They’ve only got twenty-odd seconds to sell the feature, and they’re forced to spend most of them explaining the core concept: “Four minutes for a cup of coffee?!”. I’m keen to see more original sci-fi movies with interesting ideas, so hopefully it’ll be well-executed, but my Crappy Sense tells me that it’s going to suck.

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