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The new Avengers trailer is making the rounds, and it’s starting to look like we’ve got a real movie on our hands. Whedon’s directing, so I’ve got high hopes for snappy dialogue, real stakes and an almost-certain pass of the Bechdel Test. Our big baddie is Loki, Thor’s jealous bro, and it looks like he’s upping his game a bit. At least, he’s learned to improve his villainous monologues, and maybe stop being such a behind-the-scenes sneaky-sneak whiner. It’s dangerous to engage in guesswork regarding the movie’s plot, but I think Loki is a pretty solid choice for antagonist. His nefarious plotting in “Thor” was actually pretty elaborate and psychological, and given the time and resources, I can see him causing a lot of trouble for a half-dozen A-listers in tights. That term might be ennobling them a bit, because as I indicate in today’s comic, some of the members seem more superfluous than superheroic. I am entirely behind Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk as members, but Hawkeye and Black Widow seem like odd choices for inclusion in a super-team. We’ve seen Black Widow in action, and basically her shtick seems to be “martial arts-focused field agent”. Hawkeye also had a little cameo in “Thor”, where his shtick seemed to be “archery-focused field agent”. Maybe these guys are the interns of the team, or “alternates”, in case the folks with actual powers (or unique equipment that might as well be a power) are taken out. Also, it sucks that the only female member is Black Widow. She’s not very iconic or memorable. How about Wasp or She-Hulk? I’m sure “Avengers” will make a mint, so let’s start planning for one of them to appear in the sequel.