I admit to not having read many “Tintin” books. I have come to admire the art style, but the dialogue never really caught my interest. I don’t know if it was a translation issue or what. For my money, the best Belgian comics were the Asterix books. They rarely suffered from translation issues, and not just because the humour was largely circumstantial. It was obvious that they’d taken the time to ensure that language specific jokes were replaced with the nearest approximation. In particular, I was a big fan of the character names. Our main guys, Asterix and Obelix, transitioned nicely into the Queen’s English, but most of the other Gauls needed new joke names with the “ix” suffix. (Oddly, I don’t think there was a character called Suffix.  Maybe it would have been too meta?) The healin’ druid was called Getafix, the chief was called Vitalstatistix and the smith was called Fulliautomatix. I think that the one-book cameo by a suspiciously Sean Connery-like Roman spy was called Dubblosix.

Yes, “Tintin”. It’s got a lot of heavy hitters involved, and it’s got some cool genre/geek cred in the form of Edgar Wright and Stephen Moffat. I anticipate awesomeness. And that tiny white dog actually comes off as pretty badass.

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