Whenever there’s a big scientific discovery like this, I’m stuck on the internet for hours. This isn’t because I’m checking various sites for updates and other scientists’ opinions, etc. It’s because the first article will explain the discovery, which will consist of a handful of concepts which I’ll also need to investigate, which will all contain a handful of ideas that I’ll need to check out, and so on. By the end of it, I’m no longer certain of my place in the universe, and I’m sad that I live in the Information Age.
But not really, because this stuff is pretty cool. When I tire of the endless and (oddly fruitless) research, I try to get a nerd friend to explain it to me. With all the different flavours of “nerd”, it’s likely that one I know happens to have “physics” in his geek portfolio, and is able to spell it out for me in a way I understand. Ultimately, we’re not getting TARDISes, Flux Capacitors or Hyperdrives out of this discovery in the near future, but the dream burns ever brighter.


Speakin’ a dreams, I had a wonderful one last night that you would click on the “Like” button above. My subconscious is awfully pandering isn’t it? Why don’t you submit to its demands before it starts sending me dinosaur nightmares?