Continuing our “Ghostbusters” coverage today, I can appreciate that homeowners, managers and the like aren’t too pleased with having a green ghoulie flying around the place. I totally get that. But the Ghostbusters’ solution seems pretty harsh to me. They zap the spirit, then stick him into a box. What’s next? The afterlife? Reincarnation? Nope. They put the box into a bigger box, where presumably the poor so-and-so has to sit his spectral butt down until Walter Peck gets his court injunction.

In the first movie, the ghosts seem to be mainly guilty of, as Mindy puts it, knocking stuff over and scaring people. I think there’s one example of reckless driving and (if dream sequences count) one example of extreme naughtiness.

Now, you’ll notice I’m not getting into all the “Zuul possessing Dana” and “Gozer takin’ over ” shenanigans, because I don’t think demons or demigods really count as ghosts. And the sequel introduces some ghosts that I definitely don’t mind sticking in the containment unit. But in the first movie, those ghosts get a bum rap.

I’m also kind of annoyed that the only female characters are a damsel in distress and a secretary (not counting “naughtiness in dream sequence” ghost-lady), but c’est la vie, I suppose. There was talk of having Anna Faris in the proposed new flick as part of the new generation of Busters, but we’ll see if that works out.